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Reach peak performance!


Upgrade your health.

Apex Coaching's mission is to guide and educate motivated individuals with functional training, science-based nutrition and positive re-enforcement.

What sets Apex apart?

Consistency and positive habits are at the core of any successful transformation. By choosing Apex coaching, we will work to uncover any detrimental practices that are holding you back. From the way you sleep, breathe, eat and move, we will conquer your limiting factors by making the necessary changes that set the course toward a healthier life!

Barbell with Weights

Inspire yourself through change.


The Apex Coaching App.

All pre-built and personalized programs give you access to the Apex Coaching app!

  • All your workouts right on your phone or tablet

  • Video demonstrations of each exercise

  • Automatically track weights, reps and progress

  • Log your meals and track your macros*

  • Create custom habits and goals*

  • Pair with Apple Watch, Fitbit, Garmin and Withings devices

  • Direct messaging with your coach!

  • Available on iOS & Android

Looking for a program made just for you?

Contact me or book a training consultation and take it to the next level!

*Available with purchase of a personalized program.


Training Programs

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Naturopathy is the practice of utilizing natural foods, minerals, herbs and supplements to improve one's health and cure disease.

As a licensed and practicing ND, we'll work together to find the best possible natural remedies to improve and optimize your well-being.



The BARR methodology is the culmination of over a decade of discovery and analysis of the core foundations of fitness and well-being. The methodology checklist is applied to all Apex clients in order to instill foundational biological habits.


There are no 'hacks' or shortcuts. Based on four fundamental principles; what you get with BARR is an all-encompassing blueprint for continued success and enhanced longevity.


Learn to harness your
breath for optimal performance.


Apply progressive resistance training in-line with your goals.


Effectively connect to your body to trigger adaptation, growth and repair.


Often overlooked; recovery requires more than just 'rest and digest'.


A Bit About Me

Every individual is unique;  possessing their own strengths, weaknesses, advantages and limitations.  Although we each share the same basic physiological needs, each of us requires a specific approach in order to achieve maximum results.  As a licensed naturopath (ND), fitness coach, nutritionist and recovery expert, my methodology always includes a custom plan based on your health, lifestyle, schedule and most importantly, your specific fitness and health goals. If you are searching for that better version of yourself, hit the button below and let's get started today.

Joey Sciacchitano, ND

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